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Why does your donation help transforming our planet?

With each contribution you are helping more and more girls and boys, from rural
communities to large cities, receive a learning play-based program in their

Who are Education for Sharing’s beneficiaries?

Education for Sharing programs
target boys and girls between the ages
of 6 and 12 years,
and teens 13
to 15 years old;
of different
from rural
communities to large cities.

Teachers and education leaders
become beneficiaries by being
trained in the playing activity.
They are provided with teaching
tools that strengthen their
educational work both in
and out of the classroom.

Global Society.
We all become beneficiaries
by helping raise better citizens
to carry out the practice of the
world’s needed values to
build a better future.

Parents and tutors become
beneficiaries by getting involved
in the girls, boys and
teens transformation process,
fostering the practice of values
at home throughout their involvement
in a special session designed
for them

What happens when I become a donor?

You get a receipt that covers
your donation which is
tax deductible.

You join into our
#AgentE4S global network,
and you’ll receive a newsletter
bi-monthly where you’ll find out
how you contribution helps
to achieve our mission.

How do we play?

From $1 USD daily, you can help change de world Donate

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