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Values shared between ISPS and Education for Sharing

Education for Sharing and ISPS HANDA share the following core values that elevate their respective goals: tolerance, empathy, fair play and teamwork. Like Education for Sharing, ISPS HANDA carries core values that provide a foundation for its commitment to promote the power of sport to change lives. Through the power of play, both organizations teach civic values that help promote a healthier and sustainable future for all.

An important belief at Education for Sharing is the understanding that in order to create a better world, the transfer of knowledge and values must be prioritized in educating children. In other words, children must be taught these values in a manner that they are later able to share them with others. Through Education for Sharing´s playful educational models, children are able to make connections to these values—tolerance, empathy, fair play and teamwork—in a way that they understand and can pass along.

Similarly, ISPS HANDA promotes these values by raising awareness of blind golf and collaborating with professional golf organizations around the world to provide opportunities for blind and disabled players. Through these goals, ISPS HANDA promotes tolerance and empathy for others as well as fair play and teamwork between players. Through different means, both Education for Sharing and ISPS HANDA elevate these values through the power of play in order to achieve a similar goal of creating a better world.