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Encouraging children to respect our nature.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.

Albert Einstein

Do you have plants in your house? Besides being a great oxygen source, plants help girls and boys can get involved in the importance of taking care of nature and the environment. While they are outside exploring gardens, backyards, or other green areas, children learn about the important values such as respect for the environment and responsibility when they are in charge of watering the plants. This also creates the perfect opportunity to go out with the family and perform various activities like planting trees, starting a gardening course, or merely visiting a greenhouse with the kids.

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Last Thursday, April 12th, we celebrated International Plant Day, which is the perfect opportunity to start learning more about nature.


According to United Nations´s Sustainable Development Goal #15, Life on land, forests cover 30 percent of the Earth´s surface. Forests are key to protecting biodiversity, helping to fight climate change and protecting the homes of endemic species. Every year, we lose thirteen million hectares of forests. This has occurred  partly due to the persistent degradation of drylands which has led to desertification. Unfortunately, this desertification has caused loss of biodiversity. Human activities such as deforestation and desertification; have affected the lives and livelihoods of millions of people. There are many efforts around the world to care for forests and combat desertification, but we need more hands to help and generate awareness.


We invite you to spread the importance of caring for nature to those children around you. If children grasp the necessity of protecting plants and the environment around them, this sentiment will spread to their friends.


Here are some initiatives to do at home:


  1. Give live potted plants as gifts. Teach girls and boys to give plants as gifts. Encourage them to choose potted plants instead of cut flowers.
  2. Plant a tree. Each month you can choose a different location to plant a tree. Turn this entertainment and creative activity into a recurrent family plan.
  3. Get out in natura. Choose eco -friendly spots to vacation. Get children involved into nature, make them proud of it. Every place should be a perfect opportunity to start a joyful family adventure.
  4. Introduce girls and boys to the world of plants. There are a lot of activities with plants involved. Get to know these activities and introduce children to them. Activities such as visiting a greenhouse or learning about the properties and origins of plants.
  5. Grow a garden in home. Grow your own fruits and vegetables with your children´s help. Share with them the importance of taking care of plants, seeds, and their products.
  6. Discover the miracle of growing seedlings. Experience tasting your own homegrown tomato. Share a bag of fresh salad greens with your neighbor. You´ll be glad you did.
  7. Plant a tree for every year you have lived on the planet.
  8. Set up a plant terrarium.
  9. Some farmers or markets usually throw away ¨unusual fruit¨ and ¨unusual vegetables¨, because their size, shape and/or color are not ¨perfect¨. Buy these unusual fruits; otherwise these could go to waste.
  10. Encouraging these actions will help girls and boys strengthen values such as empathy, tolerance, respect, and responsibility.


With all of these tips you will help to raise awareness in your children about the importance of caring for the environment and its living beings. This way, you will be forming better citizens from childhood.