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Education for Sharing Guatemala partnership with ISPS Handa

Since 2007, Education for Sharing forms better citizens from childhood. But we don’t do it in a traditional way, we believe in the power of play as an educational tool and as the way to raise aware about global challenges. Our four programs, Sports, Initiatives, Science and Arts for Sharing, are based on the promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals, the use of a ludic methodology and the practice of seven values, such as: Fair play, Gender equality, Respect, Team Work, Tolerance, Responsibility and Empathy. Since 2014, we have been working in Guatemala, serving more than 2,500 children in 8 public schools. This work is possible because of the support of our allies, that believe and share our vision and values.

During the las semester of the year, we partnership with ISPS Handa, an international organization, that has a firm belief in the power of sports. Thanks to their support, we could form 300 children and 15 teachers of one school in aldea Nuevo San Antonio, Malacatán, San Marcos, Guatemala. Sharing the same vision of sports as a powerful transformational tool, Handa and Education for Sharing, are working together to form better citizens in Guatemala.

For Handa, “sports has a unique ability to crate hope, to break down educational and cultural barriers and to inspire people in a way that very little else does. Sports brings people together and unites communities around the world.” Children of aldea Nuevo San Antonio, where able to live all of the above. During all the session, they share experiences, ideas and thoughts about the many things they can do to improve their local conditions. They also create an educational space, in which girls and boys can relate in a peaceful way, respecting and taking care of each other. There is no doubt that during this period of time, the power of sports transforms the life of each member of this guatemalan community.