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Become an Agent of Change


At Education for Sharing (E4S) our mission is forming better citizens from childhood. Our methodology allows students, teachers, families, and guardians to learn about the great global issues identified by the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Through the acquisition of this knowledge and of civic values, the entire community is capable of suggesting and carrying out initiatives that have a local impact.

During our first 11 years, we have reached nearly a million beneficiaries in Mexico, United States, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Argentina, and Panama. Our individual donors have been fundamental for carrying out out mission. We want to keep reaching more students, teachers, and their families. We need agents of change like you.

We have implemented different fundraising strategies, adapting each one to the needs and possibilities of our donors.


A.) Become a recurring donor

With your donation from $25 Dollars you will help us achieve tangible changes in communities, contributing to bringing educational innovation to students, parents, and teachers. Sponsor child-lead initiatives that allow them to solve global issues locally. You will propel the training of a young person who dedicates his or her life to raising awareness of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In addition, your support will help us train more teachers in the E4S methodology in order to positively impact more boys and girls.

There are two ways to make your contribution:

  1. Donate directly on our website, using the button “Donate now”.
  2. Write us and send your information to the following e-mail:



B.) Invest in the implementation of E4S programs in schools


¨Girls say that sometimes boys don’t let them play soccer at recess, and I know that the boys shouldn’t really be in charge and that they should let anyone play. I want girls to be able top play whatever they want.¨

Connor, 4th grade, Washington DC.

We see a world where children thrive, embrace civic values, are happy, engaged, valued, and become agents of change.

How do we do this? Education for Sharing introduces knowledge and reflection around the UN Sustainable Development Goals. In addition, all of our programs (sports, science STEM, art, initiatives) foster the following civic values: empathy, tolerance, respect, fair play, gender equality, responsibility and teamwork.

Using play as a didactic tool, children are invited to participate in the discussion of their social impact, by suggesting and carrying out their own ideas and initiatives. E4S provides teachers with guidance and pedagogical tools to implement the E4S methodology, and therefore empowers them to positively influence the behavior of their students within the classroom. In addition, E4S creates a space for significant learning in which students can develop the abilities to become empowered as agents of social change and can respond to global challenges within a local context.

After the implementation of our programs, we have seen important results in the communities. There have been increased rates of respect, gender equality, and empathy as well as a decrease in violence.

Investing in the implementation of E4S programs in schools is an excellent manner to achieve and provide quality education and civic values.

If you are interested in the E4S methodology and bringing our programs to a specific school or community center, please contact us at the following mail:

C.) Strengthen your organization’s or company’s Corporate Social Responsibility Strategies

¨We should invite all types of people top play our games because I feel happy when others include me in games.¨

Student, First Grade, Washington DC.


Nowadays, Corporate Shared Value (CSV) requires companies to think of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in a new light. In previous years, CSR only focused on the outputs and usually ended up being perceived as a cost center, rather than a profit center. In recent years, however, CSR has transformed into CSV because of the importance of the outcomes.

These outcomes allow for new business opportunities that can create new markets, improve profitability, and strengthen your company’s competitive positioning1. Strengthening your CSR reflects a commitment to make decisions that have a global impact. Every organization should focus on its immediate surroundings and actively seek to be engaged in its local or global community.

At Education for Sharing, we can help your company achieve outcomes that have a profound impact on the communities that you wish to address.

During our eleven years, we have had a number of alliances with companies to strengthen their CSR, such as HSCB, Axa, MTV, etc. Currently, we’re collaborating with BSD Enterprise, an information technology service company that provides business growth solutions.

BSD Enterprise directly contributes to the implementation of Science for Sharing at a local school in Mexico City. This, in turn, helps BSD Enterprise acquire the CSR badge, granted by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI). This badge recognizes the effort to voluntarily and publicly assume the commitment to implement a socially responsible management and continuous improvement, as part of its culture and business strategy.

If you are interested in working as a team and adding value to your organization’s Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, contact us at the following email:

Together we can build a better world and form better citizens from childhood.

1 Kramer, M. (2011). CSR vs. CSV – What’s the difference?